Pre-study and Design & Development

At the early development of the car, we can assist in defining the sealing system of the car by adapting the seals and its environment to optimize the function as well as its look. Our engineers will examine thoroughly the car body and the trims to ensure that every detail has been taken into consideration when designing the extruded profiles and moldings.

You just need our design and development services, not a problem. We will treat it the same as if we would be manufacturing the weather-strip seals in house. Following the pre-study, we can design the complete sealing systems and support you with our engineering, manufacturing, process experts.

prototyping and

Prototyping and 3D modeling

Because the development time of new vehicles reduces year after year, we rely on the latest 3D printing technologies to create prototype parts to test and validate our designs.

We can also combine the prototype moldings with serial extrusions when fully assembled parts are required. This allows us to optimize the designs before manufacturing the serial tools.

Support at customers site

During a program launch, our on-site resident engineers are there to assist the installation of our parts onto the vehicle and troubleshoot any potential arising issues.

They work closely with the design engineers and process team in order to provide solutions rapidly.

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