• Car manufacturers’ functional drawings
  • Subcomponent drawings for suppliers
  • Assembly drawings


  • Part designs
  • Car and molding position
  • Assembled datas



  • Section simulation
  • Tolerances variation on body
  • Compressibility curve (seal hardness)
  • Pull off and insertion curve
  • Material optimization
  • Deformation
  • External constraints


  • Mold & profile interface
  • Bending corner
  • Window lift
  • Door closing

Design Softwares: CATIA V5 / Abaqus / AutoCAD

Engineering expertise

Our team has a solid background in automotive weather-strip seals as well as other various automotive components which provides different angles when it comes to brainstorming and troubleshooting.

After defining the chain of tolerances and environment of the car body, door panels, trims, glasses and so on, we can define the master sections of our seals and moldings. As we progress with the designs, we make sure to incorporate process feasibility as well as cost saving solutions.



  • The automotive industry is in constant evolution and therefore we must be up to date with the latest trends and developments.
    This is why we offer solutions based on solid existing practices and add innovation to these industry standards. We analyze, reverse engineer and improve what is being done on the market.

Best Practice

We inspire ourselves from the industry bests and best practices at every level of our organization from engineering, to program management, to manufacturing and to quality system, and to that we add our personal touch to obtain the best results.

We perform internal and outsourced benchmarking of components to thoroughly understand their performance, material composition, functionality and so forth. We collect data and analyze them in their environments.

Competitive edge

Material development

  • In collaboration with certified laboratories; we develop EPDM and TPE compound formulation, test a variety of coatings and adhesive as well as optimizing manufacturing processes so that we keep a competitive edge and exceed customers’ expectations.

Extreme testing requirements

Car makers have developed their own tests requirements for weatherstrips seals. Such tests include functionality, flexibility, temperature and environmental factors exposure, water leakage and wind noise.

Therefore, the correct choice of materials and coatings are an integrated part of the product design and need to be defined in the early stage of the development.

Wide range of experience


  • Our tooling and process engineers have wide range of experience in developing extrusion tools, notching tools, bending machines and injection molds.
    In order to provide high quality equipment at a competitive price, we are investing resources into optimizing the tooling concepts and have developed suppliers at a global level.

Highest standard

The tooling that we developed in partnership with our suppliers meet the industry standard in terms of quality, cycle time and accuracy. We define the manufacturing process based on vehicle’s budget, yearly volume and technical requirements.

We set the highest standard for our tooling which include; extrusion dies, roll forming, cutting equipment, injection and compression molds, bending machines, and more. And we never compromise on their ergonomic and the wellbeing of our operators and technicians.

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